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Tourism Telaga Sidringo (Dringo) Batang Indonesia

Ranukumbolo on Mount Semeru does have and present beautiful natural scenery, not only that, Ranukumbolo is also popular for its beautiful sunset and sunrise views.

yup uniform panorama of nature can also be found in Central Java, Central Java is there like Ranukumbolo? certainly there is. Precisely in Batang, Central Java, you can enjoy Semeru Ranukumbolo view when you visit Sidringo Lake

Telaga Sidringo 

Sidringo is a lake in the area of ​​Batang Selatan Regency that has entered into the Dieng plateau which is geographically located next to the Selatab regency of Batang and borders with Banjarnegara Regency

Why is this charming lake called Sidringo Lake? According to ewatga around the name Sidringo is given because around this lake there is a plant called the Latin Ucorus Calamus or usually called by local residents with the name Dringo plants that thrive around this lake

Sidringo Lake itself is located in the Central Mojo Village, Reban District, Batang Regency and has a height of approximately 2222 meters above sea level (MDPL)

The route can be seen below. Access leads to this natural tourist location. You can use the road from the Baatang district heading towards Bandar District after that to Jalan Raya Sidomulyo Continue to Jalan Raya Sidayu leading to Jalan Reban-Blado then turn right toward Jalan Raya Reban -Limpung then turn right again toward Jalan Limpung-Bawang and arrive at Mojo Tengah Village, Reban District, Batang Regency

For those who do not understand the above description, below I have prepared an embed link from Google Maps that I direct to this tourist location, or friends can type the Telaga Batang Telaga keyword in the Google search column.

oh yes a little information, because of its position on the border between Batang Regency and Banjarnegara Regency, this lake can also be accessed via Banjarnegara where, this tourism position is next to the Candradimuka Dieng Crater Tourism Banjarnegara

Then.. . What are the benefits offered by Telaga Sidringo? ? Lake Sidringo itself gives a beautiful natural beauty such as a duplicate of Ranukumbolo on Mount Semeru Lumajang, East Java

The panoramic view of the natural lake of Sidringo is a natural lake flanked by dashing green hills plus tippis fog that falls in the morning and evening as well, the cool air typical of the Dieng Plateau

Here you can enjoy the natural atmosphere by setting up tents, drinking coffee or warm tea, enjoying the natural panorama of the sun territes and sunsets and can also prewedding photos. it's fun, of course, hits and is really instagramable

extra, for the price of admission heading to Telaga Sidringo is quite cheap, it is priced at 2 thousand Rupiah for one day and 5 thousand Rupiah for 1 day 1 night or staying for those who like camping in the midst of nature

Tips when visiting Sidringo Lake:

Motor and steering are fit
Bring a raincoat or jacket, because the location of this tour in the Dieng Plateau, it often rains even though it is hot in the City of Batang. It is not advisable to visit during the rainy season. Of course, bring a camera for those who like to take pictures.

Little information friends, because the location of the Sidringo Lake is adjacent to the Candradimuka Crater in Banjarnegara Regency I suggest when I want a vacation it is better to sort out a long holiday, why is that? Because it will not be satisfied if we visit Teliring Sidiringo or to the Dieng Great Plains Area for only 1 day, this has already been felt by me, it feels less satisfied if we explore the Dieng Region for only 1 day
not only that, the location of Lake Sidringo to the Dieng Plains Area is not too far away, it is regrettable if not at all to Dieng

like that little data about Telringo Batang Tourism Lake, hopefully it can be useful for those of you who read this post.

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