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Sodong Batang Curug Tourism in Central Java, Indonesia

Sodong waterfall in Batang, Central Java is a tourist spot that you must visit because the charm of its beauty is second to none. The locals of the Wonotunggal region are also very welcoming to you. Batang City is also popular for its beauty tourism objects. one of them is Sodong Waterfall Tour in Batang, Central Java. This waterfall has a height of around 15 meters with heavy, clear water. To get to this location you can use an individual vehicle with a time span of about 1 hour expedition from the city center of the trunk.

Sodong Batang Curug Tourism in Central Java

Sodong waterfall is located in the middle of a forest with many green trees. Before you get to Sodong waterfall you will find a small waterfall first. Little waterfall has not been named by local residents. So that we can get to the waterfall we must pass through the settlement of local residents. after passing through the settlement you will get to the entrance of the waterfall, but there is no monument / door at the entrance. but only a direction marker. after arriving at the entrance there is a parking lot and toilet. That's where you can leave your vehicle, but this parking can only be occupied by motorcycles because after the entrance of the car can not pass because the road is getting smaller.

Sodong waterfall location

Curong Sodong is located in Sodong Village, Wonotunggal District, Kab. Batang, Central Java with a distance of ± 17 kilometers from the mother of the city of Batang Regency with a height of 600-800 meters above sea level. The village of Sodong has the capability in the development of Curug and Salak Sodong Agro Tourism, not only that it is also known as a producer of kapulogo, vanilla, and cloves. In 1999 Salak Sodong won the fruit competition in the Central Java level.

after parking you still have to walk about 1 kilometer to the waterfall. On the expedition to the waterfall there is a small river. And when we walk we will be treated to the sounds of animals such as birds and insects. Terrain that must be traversed is an up and down field. after walking 1 kilometer we will get to the waterfall.

From the Wonotunggal subdistrict office, enter Sodong Village. Before arriving in Sodong we will pass through a number of villages, namely the source of Wonotunggal Village, Kedungmalang Village, Gringgingsari Village, then arrived in Sodong Village. When we were in the village of Kedungmalang there was a T-junction, the direction went straight to the village of Pesambat District of Bandardan which turned left leading to sodong. To be a benchmark that our direction is not more than 500 m, we cross a bridge that connects Kedung Malang and Gringgingsari villages. From here the road is uphill and steep. if you use a motorcycle no more than 1 hour will arrive at sodong.

Conclusion : 


* The water is very clear, clear and not very cold, so bathing here is definitely very refreshing.

* Its location is remote, so its natural beauty is still maintained.

* New tourist objects, published then have the pride to have been here, certainly certain pride when visiting this tourist attraction, and according to information, withdrawal of entrance tickets and parking zones were only opened about a month ago, before if motorcycles were parked without guard.

* The price of admission is relatively affordable, and good care. The parking attendants were neatly dressed in batik uniforms which seemed well coordinated.

* Rental tires as a relatively inexpensive float, Rp. 5,000 / pcs without time limit.

* Clear paths and lots of road signs, so you don't have to worry about getting lost in the forest.


* The location is remote and there is no public transportation, so to get here you must use individual vehicles. For backpackers who usually travel by public transportation, they may need to talk about motorcycles or find friends to be invited to adventure together.

* Track leads curug across mountains, automatically requires power and energy. It takes a fit body condition and do not forget to exercise a few days before.

* the lack of facilities, because this tourist location is still new so do not expect adequate facilities, such as toilets, rinse bathrooms and places to change clothes, trash bins, shelter for shelter, barrier / safety lane, monitoring officers, ETC.

* Because here there is no place to change clothes, automatically for tourists must bring a cover for gloves when changing wet clothes.

* There are no permanent food stalls at the point of tourist sites, so to estimate a hungry stomach after swimming, tourists are required to bring their own meals.

* This tour is managed by the local community, so there is no official entrance ticket and insurance guarantee.

As input to the manager:

Please present a trash can, change rooms / toilets, limit the road on the extreme lane on the edge of the cliff, and place the officer at the point of tourist sites to guard and monitor tourists to stay away from things that we don't want.

That is my review of the expedition to the Bidadari waterfall, Batang.

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