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Wisata Agung Curug Batang Enchanting

Batang Regency does have a lot of natural beauty that is still natural, from patai, hills, waterfalls to lakes. On this occasion we will discuss Curug Agung? yes Curug Agung is one of the favorite waterfalls or waterfalls for tourists in Batang Regency. Curug Agung has a large _ + 5 meters and the deepest depth of the reservoir is _ + 1.5 meters. This makes tourists feel more comfortable when Ciblon (Swimming). Curug Agung with sufficient water discharge and stone cubes around it makes this waterfall look more exotic.

A little story is said of Curug Agung according to local residents who have been used a bathing place by a hermit who comes from the kingdom of Kalingga, until now there is still a petite raid of the ascetic who is on the edge of the road when leading to the waterfall but not so visible as a petilasan.

Wisata Agung Curug Batang Enchanting

Curug Agung is where is Lek?

Curug Agung is located in Hamlet Pagedigan, Pasusukan Village, Bawang District, Batang Regency.

If from the direction of Bawang, it can directly lead to Purbo village, around 2-3 kilometers from Bawang. If from Tersono direction it leads to Bawang, it can pass through Brangsong Village until you find SMP 3, turn left and continue straight until you meet the village there is the Gede Mosque, turn right then turn right again through the rice fields until you find the words "Welcome to Curug Agung Tourism" on the left side of the road , I hope this helps.

Curug Agung is suitable for holidays with a date, girlfriend, ex or family. Do not worry to enter this tourist area cheap retribution is the latest renewal with money Rp. 2000 can already enter there and parking money Rp. 2000

Head of Purbo Village (Kades), Sri Narti was very eager to succeed in bringing the name of the Great Curug to a popular range of natural attractions such as Curug Sewu in Kendal or other natural attractions. Sri Narti hopes there will be attention from the government, specifically the Batang District Government Tourism Office to lend encouragement. the most important thing is fixing the road infrastructure which is currently still in the form of dirt roads that rise and fall and dust in case of drought. "We hope that, with existing capabilities, Batang Regency Government helps us, minimun for infrastructure improvements," he hoped.

the reason, from the parking lot, the road leading to the Great Waterfall is still perfunctory. Only the steps of the ground with bamboo handles. if it rains, it cannot be passed because of slippery roads and easy landslides.

However, the spirit of Sri Narti to build Curug Agung grew even stronger when Norman Divo the Pantura 2 star from Indosiar from Batang was willing to come and visit and introduce Curug Agung to the public some time ago.

Some theorems that Curug Agung is an exotic tour, among other things this waterfall drops clear water from Kali Belom as high as 25 meters with a large discharge, to the point of looking magnificent and large, as the name implies.

not only the waterfall, the stone cubes around it are equally beautiful. The stones are arranged by the hands of neat and exotic experts. Underneath the flow of water to form a kind of basin with a depth of about 5 meters and water flows in a large rocky river. so romantic, seeing a waterfall while sitting on big rocks in the river. not only that, can be used for bathing and swimming under waterfalls.

the beauty is more complete with the myth that surrounds the Great Waterfall and has been trusted for generations and attracts the attention of tourists. known myths Tirta Agung in the form of a spring that comes out of the stone cubicle next to the waterfall, believed to be able to cure various diseases and increase energy. tourists are able to take the water by accommodating it wearing bottled mineral water after climbing a boulder.

According to local people, this waterfall was once used to bathe an ascetic from the Kingdom of Kalingga whose petilasan was on the edge of the road leading to the waterfall. However, it is not very visible that the place is a Petilasan. Some residents believe that the water from this waterfall is capable of effectively transporting degrees and authority. Curug Agung can be reached along the Pantura route through Weleri-Sukorejo-Bawang or Banyuputih-Tersono, Bawang. Once you explore Bawang Square, take the north entrance. Some road markers can already experience it so close to the location. The distance from the Pasusukan gate leads to a parking lot of one kilometer.

To further pamper tourists, many sellers of food and drinks peddle their wares around the location by rolling out mats. aspects of cleanliness and comfort have become special attention. Tour officers regularly go back and forth to pick up litter that was thrown carelessly. Officers also monitor traffickers so that they are orderly and do not play prices that are detrimental to tourists.

"The people here have realized the importance of a tourist spot which is expected to improve the level of the people's economy. The government at the village and sub-district level has also provided attention. What remains is the higher government factor, specifically the Tourism Office or those related to road access to more active functioning. Hopefully the willingness of the people in 3 villages to make Curug Agung more widely known will quickly find a response and be implemented, "he concluded.

that's the story of the review about Curug Agung Batang Tourism. Hopefully this will be useful, thank you.

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