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Agro Tourism Places of Interest Tea Garden Pagilaran Batang

One of the family tourism spots in the Pekalongan region is Pagilaran Tea Plantation Agrotourism in Keteleng Village, Blado District, Batang Regency. The location of the Pagilaran Batang Tea Plantation Agro Tourism is from Batang Square or about 39 kilometers from the Pekalongan City Accounts, heading south.

Agro Tourism Places of Interest Tea Garden Pagilaran Batang

To access the road is good is the paved road to the location can be said to be in good condition, gentle, although not so wide and my friend along with the group must be careful when passing a vehicle in front.

Visiting Pagilaran Batang Tea Plantation Agro Tourism managed by PT Pagilaran can be an alternative vacation for friends with family in Pekalongan. Located approximately 1000 meters above sea level so that the temperature averages 15-21 degrees Celsius during the daytime and 15-18 degrees Celsius at night, it is clear that a cool and peaceful atmosphere can be felt here.

You could say if this Pagilaran Tea Plantation is the Peak of Batang-Pekalongan. not only has Pagilaran, the Pekalongan region also has a peak that is no less exotic than Petungkriyono which presents a stretch of green nature that is still beautiful. You can read it here, Pesona Petungkriyono, Pekalongan Regency's Natural Paradise

The air is comfortable, the atmosphere is calm, cool and refreshing with the beauty of nature around it can be witnessed green here. The vast expanse of tea gardens spoil the eyes as they want to successfully explore them.

there are also many inns in Pagilaran that can be rented per room or per house with villa rental prices at Pagilaran Batang which are quite friendly. So it is suitable for travelers to spend vacation time in Pagilaran with your friends or family.


Pagilaran Plantation was formed in 1880 by a Dutch airline. after that in 1922 it was purchased by the British Government and merged with the Gentlemen and Tjiasem Land PT (P & T LAND S PT). In 1964 the P&T LAND S use rights expired and were taken control by the Government of Indonesia.

And on coincide on May 23, 1964 by the government handed over to the Faculty of Agriculture UGM with the aim of increasing the adoption of the Tri Dharma large academy in addition to being a company by the name of PN PAGILARAN. And January 1, 1974 PN PAGILARAN status became PT PAGILARAN until it coincided on May 5, 1977 to find the extra North Segayung area to be part of the Pagilaran garden with the number written. 14 / hgu / da / 77.

How does the ROUTE REACH PAGILARAN AGROWISATA? By public transportation from Batang Bandar Blado Pagilaran. and vice versa from Pekalongan (Grogolan) Bandar Blado Pagilaran

Individual motorbike vehicles and cars or special vehicles (ASITA tour tour) from Yogyakarta via Temanggung takes + 3, 5 hours, from Semarang via Sukorejo + 2, 5 hours and from Solo + 4, 5 hours, and from Pekalongan City takes 1 hour expedition.


Tempat Wisata Keluarga Agrowisata Kebun Teh Pagilaran Batang

Pagilaran Tea Plantation Tourism is a tourist spot for all ages and all segments. Starting for childhood tours, young people, aged up to the parents can enter and match. Also for institutions or corporations, communities and all various activities can be carried out here. What's on the Pagilaran Tea Plantation Agro Tourism site? Please continue reading this post until it runs out.

not only that, you can take a look at the houses belonging to the European-era Dutch Factory Administrators, and the rest of the cable car used by the Dutch sinyo and noni to see the natural panorama of the Pagilaran plain. Beyond the above mentioned can also be for other tourist prima donna as will be explained below.



Tea Picking Tour is a tour package that is designed for tourists who want to be successful in how to do the tea picking and to experience the typical cuisine of Pagilaran village after the tea picking.

This tour package also has a package with tea walk and tea factory where tourists are able to see and find knowledge about tea plantations and tea processing in PT. Pagilaran.

Tea Picking Tours are only designed for customer groups. This tour is designed so that tourists can come to feel and recognize ways of picking tea to the point that not only get the freshness of tourists also get knowledge about picking tea.


This tour is for anyone who is interested in recognizing Sustainable Agriculture with tea crops as its main crop. Tourism Object provides tea processing learning in more detail by PT. Pagilaran.


Pagilaran Agrotourism has a representative rubric for meeting activities, and there is a hall for meetings or weddings, in the flying fox zone there are locations for open air agendas such as lunch with a garden view or dinner.

In Pagilaran Agro Tourism is also very suitable for BINTEK activities or for large scale seminars of up to 400 participants.

Pagilaran Agrotourism also organizes Catering for meetings or marriages around Batang Regency, Blado District, Bandar District, Bawang District, Limpung District.

There are also sports zones such as tennis courts, badminton, soccer, volleyball, billiards and others.

Transportation around the Pagilaran garden with local guides who are ready to accompany your expedition. or enjoy the special art of Pagilaran, such as traditional lengger, new curved lengger, Kuntulan, Kuda Lumping, Karaoke and others. And also held special attention tourism arenas, such as mountain bikes, overpass, scientific visits etc.

not only that in the Pagilaran Tea Plantation zone there are several Curug or exotic waterfalls, Arjuna Curug, Sibiting Curug, Binorong Curug and Twin Curug, with beautiful and natural natural surroundings, and the expanse of tea and clove gardens along the slopes of the mountains. can be enjoyed by tourists, especially young friends who are crazy with hits.

How are you friends and family interested in a vacation to the Pagilaran Tea Plantation Agro? it feels perfect considering there will be a New Year holiday soon. Travel to Pagilaran Tea Plantation can be included in the belle of your traveling record and family.

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