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Ujung Negoro Batang Beach, Java Center, Indonesia

Ujung Negoro Beach is one of the interesting beaches to be visited. its position is in the northern coast of Java, Batang Regency, Central Java. the beauty of the exotic natural panorama of the coast along the coast and sea lanes that are known by the pantura. not only natural panorama and beautiful natural wealth, stored culture and local wisdom.

Ujung Negoro Batang Beach, Java Center, Indonesia

Entrance Ticket Prices Ujung Negoro beach There are 2 paid ticket counters when entering the beach area and near the beach. To be able to set foot on this beach, the price of admission is relatively very cheap, only Rp. 5. 000 per person. Parking fee for 2-wheeled vehicles is Rp. 1000, and a car of several Rp. 2000, and trucks Rp. 4000, -

When tourists visit this beach during holidays, there are boats that are rented to wander in the beach zone. to the point that tourists are able to enjoy the entire beauty of the beach from end to end of the beach.

For those who like to swim on the beach should not swim very into the middle because there is no life guard and big waves. To recognize that swimming is very far from the edge of the beach, there already has a danger barrier so that when swimming is not far. The tourists are expected to obey these rules.

This beach is close to the north coast road fitting on the north coast of Batang with a distance of approximately 14 kilometers to the north-east direction of the City of Batang. The coastline has a height of about 14 meters above sea level. Precisely, Ujung Negoro beach is included in Ujung Negoro Village, Cetat District, Batang Jawa Regency, Central Java Province.

The location is very strategic and the means of the road leading to the beach makes it unnecessary for tourists to find the address of this Ujung Negoro beach. tourists can use 2-wheeled vehicles or 4-wheeled vehicles with a distance of about 7 kilometers from the north coast.

Before arriving at the beach, the route goes through villages, fields and small jungle that soothes the eye. There is a gate as a characteristic to have arrived at this beach. Ujung Negoro beach is one of the beautiful beaches in the Regency of Batang, Central Java. Having a beautiful cluster of sand that soothes the mind when visiting there.

Each route leads to the location of the coast of Ujung Negoro varies based on the direction of the position and the vehicles used by tourists. There are also some of the best route options:

if tourists from the west, about 7 miles to the east to lead the village of Ujung Negoro. When you reach the large gate that reads Negoro beach, turn left with a distance of about 6 miles. Along the expedition passing through villages that are full of fruits such as rambutan, mango and durian.

if tourists take a public bus, just say a tip to the conductor. the bus will take tourists to the intersection. There are transit villages that lead to the beach but very few public transportation. should, after arriving at the intersection, tourists ride a 2-wheeled vehicle to make it quicker to arrive.

if tourists come by train, will get off at Negoro station. Negoro Station is about 2 kilometers from the beach. The tourists are able to continue the expedition by using village transportation or motorcycle taxi. if you want to successfully walk while enjoying the beauty, only about 30 minutes. Ujung Negoro beach tourism objectSurga hidden paradise that is very beautiful and has a variety of attractions located on the coast of Ujung Negoro. Starting from the clean beach atmosphere to the extraordinary natural panorama.


Goa Aswatama 

Aswatama Cave is in the large land zone of Dieng. Many myths exist in this Aswatama cave. It is said that this cave is closely related to the story of the puppets of the Kuravas and Pandavas. During the Baratayuda war, a priest Durna lost against the Pandavas. The priest's son named Aswatama chased the Pandavas to the end of this beach.

A charming beauty 

a beach that offers a soothing panorama of the sea. Deserts and spectacular natural scenery make tourists feel even more at home for long at the beach. Prominent sea rocks and visible from the coast. Another unique thing is that there are wells with fresh water from the shoreline.

Tomb of Syeh Maulana Maghribi

Previously the designation beach as a tourist attraction was once a tourist attraction of the tomb of Syeh Maulana Maghribi. This tomb is located around Aswatama Cave. Because of the beautiful panorama of the beach and sea, this tourism object has a double function as a beach and pilgrimage tour.

Fishing on the seashore

while sitting on rocks that appear from the surface, the tourists are able to freely fish. when some of the curves are welling from the seawater, some types of fish appear from the surface. So beautiful.

Attractions with a Clean beach

not only beautiful, the beach is far from the settlement to make the atmosphere peaceful and peaceful. the beach is also very clean because a lot of trash is provided and tourists who are aware of throwing trash in its place. Each garbage bin with different types of usage is wet, dry and special plastic. really looks clean, orderly and neat.

Lined Ketapang Plants

identical plants to give freshness when the weather is hot. Around this end of the beach yard is decorated with a variety of ketapang plants that line up. to the extent, the fresh air typical of the sea combined with the scent of the beach. That way tourists can enjoy the beauty of the beach without feeling hot.

Small dock

There is a small jetty jutting toward the shoreline to pamper tourists. From inside this small dock, tourists are able to enjoy the feel of the natural panorama and are protected from the scorching heat of the sun or rain.

Hunting Kuliner Tradisional 

if traveling to this beach, don't forget this traditional Negoro culinary hunting. There is a getuk meal, a very tasty megono sego. not only that, on the seashore there are also sellers of salted fish and shrimp paste that are reasonably priced.

Hunting Photos (Hunting Photos)

after culinary hunting, the tourists are able to hunt photos with beautiful natural scenery. Along the Negoro coast there are various interesting photo spots. The charming desert looked at, the rocks visible from the surface of the sea and the big waves. tourists can be photographed while enjoying the panoramic sea from the cliff.

Ujung Negoro beach must be visited with friends or family. selection, weekday selection if a vacation on this beach because the weekend is very crowded with tourists.

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